White House Rocked, After Comey Reveals Evidence Of Trump’s Obstruction [DETAILS]

Former FBI director James Comey now claims that there is evidence suggesting that President Trump obstructed justice.

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During a revealing new interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that aired Sunday, Comey explained that there’s “certainly some evidence” that Trump obstructed justice when he was questioned  about the investigation into his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“It would depend and — and I’m just a witness in this case, not the investigator or prosecutor, it would depend upon other things that reflected on his intent,” Comey responded.

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The comments followed in response to a conversation about the probe into Flynn where Trump told Comey “I hope you can let it go.”

The meeting took place on Feb. 14, just a day after Flynn stepped down.

“Trump said Flynn was a “good guy,” Comey said.

“I just said, ‘I agree he’s a good guy,’ … And so then full-stop. And there was a brief pause. And then the meeting was over,” Comey explained.

Stephanopoulos asked Comey if he wished that he had interjected and told Trump that was inappropriate.

“Although, as I’ve thought about it since, if he didn’t know he was doing something improper, why did he kick out the attorney general and the vice president of the United States and the leaders of the intelligence community?” Comey said. “I mean, why am I alone if he’s — doesn’t know the nature of the request?”




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