There’s Something Mighty Fishy Going on Between Michael Cohen and Don Jr. That Nobody Can Explain

The saying “like father, like son” applies perfectly to Donald and Don Jr.  They are both known cheaters, and Don Jr. is following in his father’s footsteps by going through his first divorce.

As the Cohen case unfolds, despite the president’s best efforts to control the information, Americans are finding out just how deep Trump’s roots with Cohen go.  There have been several instances of Trump affiliates paying people or publications off to hush stories that could damage Trump’s reputation.

Now there is evidence that Michael Cohen may have done the same for Don Jr.  According to the Wall Street Journal – the same outlet that made Cohen’s $130,000 hush payment to Stormy Daniels well-known – Cohen got US Weekly to kill a story about Don Jr.’s affair with Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Aubrey O’Day.

Cohen reportedly made the move back in 2013.  It was previously reported that Don Jr. had an affair with O’Day and even thought about leaving his wife for her.

Many critics believe that the timing of Don Jr. and Vanessa’s divorce wasn’t by coincidence since it followed the subpoena of the Trump Organization.  According to Page Six, Vanessa hired a criminal defense attorney to represent her through the divorce.

Cohen’s push to can the story goes to show how much filth lives in the Trump closet.

What is your reaction?

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