Pro-Trump Boxer Wearing Border Wall Trunks Just Got KO’d by His Mexican Opponent [VIDEO]

We’ve seen some crossover between sports and politics, but of late it’s mostly been about athletes who take a knee during the National Anthem as a respectful, somber protest against police violence against African Americans.

But this week saw a political confrontation of a different sort—in a boxing ring.

On Thursday night, Francisco “El Bandido” Vargas bested “Lightning” Rod Salka in six rounds when Salka’s corner threw in the towel.

According to Business Insider, while Vargas’ combinations of body blows were highlight-worthy alone, the fight gained a lot of extra attention on social media when viewers noticed that Salka was wearing trunks that with a design depicting a wall and “America 1st” written across the top.

The pro-Trump, anti-immigration trunks were especially noteworthy given that Salka’s opponent Vargas was a Mexican. Yet Vargas easily defeated Salka, particularly with a huge knockdown in the fifth round that left Salka dazed in the corner before getting up to beat the referee’s count.

Rod Salka attempted to enter the realm of politics in 2016, running as the Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He lost resoundingly to Democratic incumbent William Kortz II.

Boxing fans across Twitter were quick to pile on Salka after his boxing loss:


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