Beloved Political Analyst Expertly Breaks Down The Motives Behind Trump’s Recent Behavior

Over the weekend, Trump appeared in Pennsylvania at a rally in support of the Penn Republican candidate.  His appearance was nothing more than a belligerent assault on his enemies, including a tasteless shot at Rep. Maxine Waters.

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough made an interesting comparison on his latest broadcast.  Scarborough stated:

“He actually talked about the fake media. … The booing is getting stronger by the day whenever he goes out there and whips up like it’s a Mussolini rally.”

Joe continued, “And yes, that’s what I said. There is nothing American about what Donald Trump did in Pennsylvania when he tries to turn an entire audience, whether it’s against Katy Tur or whether it’s against Chuck Todd… When you’re in rallies like that and you whip your supporters into a frenzy, there are real life consequences to that. Threats follow, often death threats.”

One Trump doozy at the rally was: “It’s 1999, I’m on Meet the Press, a show now headed by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd. He’s a sleeping son of a b–. I’ll tell you,” Trump stated.

Trump later said, “You know, how easy it is to be presidential? But you’d be so bored.”

“I’m very presidential. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. Rick will be a great, great congressman. He will help me very much. He’s a fine man and Yong is a wonderful wife. I just want to tell you on behalf of the United States of America that we appreciate your service. We appreciate your service,” the walking reality TV show concluded.

Watch the clip below:

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