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Bts Crack In U.s Funny English Interview Compilation

Download link: 방탄소년단 웃긴 영어 인터뷰ㅋㅋ(미국에서도 먹히는 예능감) | BTS Crack In U.S (Funny English Interview Compilation).mp3

방탄소년단은 미국에서도 웃기네요ㅎㅎ 영어 인터뷰지만 기죽지 않고 자신있게 드립을 날리는 방탄소년단의 웃긴 영어 인터뷰 영상입니다!

BTS is funny in their English interview! Even though some members aren't fluent in English, they still talk with full of confidence and that makes them so funny! Let's watch how BTS are doing their English interview:)

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